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Three rubber additives standard formulation plan issued

2022-09-01 16:42:56

Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology announced the third batch of industry standard revision plan in 2016. Three standards in the field of rubber and rubber products - chemical auxiliaries are recommended.

It is understood that the publication of the three industry standards are: vulcanizing agent 1,1 '- dithiocarbamide (CLD) standard, vulcanizing accelerator 3- methyl thiazoline -2- copper sulfide (MTT) standard and rubber plasticizer 2.2' - diphenylaminodiphenyl disulfide (SS) standard.

Among them, the main drafting units of CLD standard and MTT standard are puyang weilin chemical co., ltd. and ningbo thionghua polymer co., LTD., and the main drafting units of plasticizer SS standard are puyang weilin chemical co., LTD., ningbo thionghua polymer co., ltd. and wuhan jinghe chemical co., LTD. All three standards will be finalized in 2018.


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