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Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

Address:  Chemical Industry-Intensive Area,Puyang,Henan,China

Phone:  Ms xu 86 13585810404

Telephone:  0086-21-34225991、34225992

Fax:  021-34225993

willing inside chemical co. Ltd. held the opening ceremony

2022-09-01 16:43:36

On July 22, 2004, the opening ceremony of weilindanai chemical co., LTD. Was held as scheduled, which marked the official start of puyang willing danai chemical co., LTD., a sino-japan joint venture producing rubber additives. More than 100 people from domestic and foreign merchants and government departments attended the ceremony.

willing inside chemical co., ltd. was established in August 2003. With the strong support and help of governments at all levels and cooperative partners, through the joint efforts of all parties of the joint venture, the project was completed and put into operation as scheduled at the end of June 2004. The production has been very smooth since it was put into production. In just 25 days, it has produced over 140 tons of finished products, exported over 90 tons, and earned 158,000 us dollars in foreign exchange, making a good start.

According to the changes in the market, the parties to the joint venture agreed to increase the capital by $700,000 to expand the production capacity of the joint venture from 3,500 tons per year to 5,000 tons per year to meet the market requirements. In this way, the registered capital of weilin university will be changed to 2.5 million dollars, and the total investment will be 3.2 million dollars.

willing da nei chemical co., LTD. Fully introduced the production technology and management mode and business philosophy of da nei xinxing chemical co., LTD., and adopted the clean technology to produce and supply MBT, MBTS, CBS, TBBS, NOBS and other MBT series products, and finally determined the annual production capacity of 5000 tons. Products will be tailored according to customer needs, to meet the needs of high-end customers.


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