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Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

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Puyang willing co., LTD. Strives to be the leader of green revolution of rubber processing additive

2022-08-23 11:19:21

"The market prospect of rubber processing additives is worth looking forward to, but there are problems in the industry, such as excessive products, serious environmental pollution, vicious competition in the market, which seriously restricts the development of China's rubber processing additives enterprises. Recently, the world's leading rubber additives enterprises puyang weilin chemical co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "weilin shares") chairman guo tongxin said in an interview. Rubber processing additives is a supporting industry of the rubber industry, at present, the production and sales of China's rubber processing additives accounted for 70% of the global rubber processing additives, has become the world's largest rubber processing additives. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly strict environmental protection policies, green chemical industry will become a trend. In order to break through the bottleneck of industrial development, in recent years, weilin shares to improve product performance, in the process of product manufacturing, pay attention to the green of raw materials, and the treatment of "three wastes", in line with the principle of energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, efficiency, constantly promote clean production, strive to do rubber processing additives green change leader.

Processing AIDS for rubber are chemical substances used in the processing of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and their products. "In 2015, the global demand for rubber processing additives will reach 1.4 million tons." Guo tongxin said. In recent years, weilin has cooperated with Michelin, bridgestone, Goodyear and other tire enterprises to advocate the concept of environmental protection, health and sustainable development of rubber industry. Weilin has developed TBzTD, CLD, DBD and other more than 10 new products. The "new process of hydrogen peroxide oxidation" obtained 5 authorized invention patents and 2 provincial science and technology progress awards.

Weilin has always attached great importance to green environmental protection. It has invested nearly 100 million yuan in the clean production of rubber processing additives and energy saving and emission reduction, effectively controlled the generation of pollutants, reduced the production cost of the enterprise, and improved the market competitiveness. Starting from the new process of clean production, the production of pollutants is reduced at the source. For example, the "new process of hydrogen peroxide oxidation" developed reduces the production of high-salinity wastewater. Mother liquor recycling device, claus sulfur recovery device, unorganized gas recovery and utilization device, water recycling and utilization device, waste heat reuse device, dust recovery device, etc., has been built, which reduces the production cost and realizes recycling economy. Strengthening pollutant comprehensive treatment, in the introduction of Japan ouchi fertilizer wastewater treatment technology, on the basis of summarize wei Lin shares explore proprietary technology, has invested 50 million yuan expansion of sewage treatment facilities, the process has stable treatment effect, resistance to impact load capacity is strong, and low operating cost, easy operation and management, etc; The surplus capacity of wastewater treatment should be utilized to collect and treat sewage from surrounding cities and towns through the pipe network, so as to reduce regional COD emissions, improve river water quality, serve the society and protect the environment.

-- from puyang daily


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