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Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

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The company went to Henan University to participate in the talent recruitment meeting (2013-11-14)

2022-08-23 11:19:14

The company went to Henan University to participate in the talent recruitment meeting (2013-11-14)

          On November 12-14, 2013, bathing in the warm sun of winter, the Organization Department of the Xiangyang Municipal Committee, the Human Resources and Social            

          Security Bureau organized famous enterprises in Xiangyang to attend the 2014 session of Henan Light Industry College, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Luoyang Institute of Technology and other universities. Graduate campus recruitment fair, this is also the important function of the functional departments including the talent center in Fuyang City. It is an important purpose of “building a nest and attracting the phoenix” by entering the campus. It is also a great promotion of the employment and social employment system of graduated students in Henan universities. A new platform for simultaneous and coordinated development. This form is very popular among enterprises.


         At the campus recruitment meeting, Weilin Co., Ltd. provided nearly 20 positions, including R&D technology, testing analysis, production management, engineering equipment, electrical engineering, etc., and received a total of three days of college recruitment. More than 200 resumes, before the company's recruitment booth, the crowds were crowded, filled with a lot of undergraduate and graduate students in garden-related majors, and the enthusiasm of the students made the field staff busy.

         During the recruitment period, Wu Renhuo, the manager of the company's human resources department, also accepted an interview with Xiangyang TV. He said that the company will continue to promote and improve the talent management mechanism. The company will formulate 100 talent training programs to aggregate a group of talents and build a good one. As the goal of the company, the company adheres to the core concept of “fair and honest, altruistic and win-win”, and provides more development space for highly educated talents, so that talents can play a key role in the enterprise.

         In accordance with the general requirements of “getting fast, taking measures, and working hard”, the company plans to conduct interviews and on-site signing activities in Zhengzhou on November 23. At that time, Wang Zhiqiang, general manager of Weilin Co., Ltd. will come to the interview site.


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