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Behind the rubber valley platform model

2022-08-23 11:19:21

Behind the rubber valley platform model

       The first China (Qingdao) Rubber Industry Expo ended recently. A total of 13 large-scale forums were held, and more than 30 important strategic cooperations were signed and signed. At the same time as the inventory of the fair was fully counted, the participants also had a heated discussion around the rubber valley platform model and its practices.

    “What kind of development prospects do you think rubber valley has?” The editors heard this question more than once. According to the World Tire Network observation, to a certain extent, the industry's attention to the rubber valley model sometimes exceeds the attention of the Expo itself.

        A new platform that "turned out"

       "Where did this rubber valley come out? How did it develop into such a big momentum at once?" During the Qingdao Rubber Expo, the CEO of a rubber company asked the editor of the World Tire Network.

        It is not surprising that people in the industry have such questions. Previously, although China's rubber industry was not small, there were no other third-party service platforms other than the China Rubber Industry Association, which was transformed from the original management department. Now, suddenly, a "rubber valley" has emerged vigorously, and its development objective has been to establish "the world's first chemical rubber industry full industry chain service platform", which has indeed shocked many people in the industry.

        It is reported that the goals set by the Qingdao Rubber Expo are in line with the development tenet of Rubber Valley. “Around the development trend of the entire chemical rubber industry chain, the Rubber Expo will be committed to becoming a high-end, comprehensive platform for the industry.” At the meeting, Zhang Wei, Chairman and President of Rubber Valley Group Co., Ltd. said.

        What is the background of such a high-profile rubber valley? You can learn from the Rubber Valley website that this platform was initiated by the China Rubber Industry Association, Qingdao Shibei District Government, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and the Soft Control Shares. It is intended to create “politics, production, learning, research, and “Five-in-one chemical rubber industry ecosystem.

        With the participation of industry associations and government backgrounds, as well as the participation of university research institutions and enterprises, and based on the “rubber industry agglomeration park”, rubber valley power atlas research and education, business incubation, cultural exhibition, exhibition business, information platform, intermediary financing The six functions are combined to create a “China Rubber Industry Silicon Valley” and a neutral industry service platform. Such a high starting point seems to have never been seen before in the rubber tire industry.

        The big hand behind the "Rubber Silicon Valley"

        Perhaps it is attracted by such a big hand, the Qingdao Rubber Fair, rubber tire companies from home and abroad are eagerly awaited.

       "Through this China International Trade Fair, we have established good relations with downstream enterprises. It feels good. However, the first exhibition can not explain anything. I am very concerned about how the platform such as Rubber Valley will develop in the future and what can be done for the industry. Xie, a rubber manufacturer from the south, said to the editor of Tire World.

        He has the same feelings as Xie, and Wang Zhiqiang, general manager of Henan Fuyang Weilin Chemical Co., Ltd. At the beginning, when I heard that Qingdao had to hold a rubber meeting, he felt that this was the first time, and certainly not where it was, so it was not very active. Later, when he was doing an exhibition in Thailand, a friend pulled him to the side and introduced it for a long time. He also confirmed a number of insiders, and this was the idea of trying it out. ”

      “It’s only when I came to discover that the rubber fair was very tasteful. The effect of our participation in this exhibition was also unexpected and very good.” Wang Zhiqiang told the Tire World Network bluntly that he hopes that Rubber Valley can do more for the industry. Service.

        Undoubtedly, this year's show has a big gain, or rubber valley, this point can be seen from the smile on the face of its chairman and president Zhang Wei. More than 200 companies participated in the exhibition, which made the Expo appear very strong from the start; more than a dozen large-scale forums explored various industry issues; at the same time, more than 30 strategic cooperation means that many projects are located in Rubber Valley, which will be the platform. The future development will be icing on the cake.

        Rubber Valley's rubber park in Qingdao is called “Rubber Silicon Valley”. However, according to Tire World Network, Rubber Valley is planning something that is not just a simple campus. Whether it is the previously launched “渤商所-Rubber Valley Natural Rubber Spot Trading Center” or the recently established intellectual property service organization, it highlights its overall planning and long-term strategy for the future development of the industry, with extraordinary strategic vision. .

        While hearing the affirmative voice, some people also raised the question: As a local institution, even if the China Rubber Industry Association participates and wants to support so many platforms, does Rubber Valley have such a large amount of energy? Its industry service platform wants to cover the entire rubber industry chain, is it a bit too ambitious?

        Obviously, these problems must be answered by the rubber valley people in their own future actions.

Article source: Tire World Network


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