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Vulcanizing Agent DTDC(CLD)

Vulcanizing Agent DTDC(CLD)

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Chemical NameDithiocaprolactame
Molecular Formula:C12H20n2O2S2
Molecular Structure:

Molecular Weight288.43
CAS NO.23847-08-7




White or light yellow powder

Initial Melting Point


Loss on Drying




Residue on 150μm


Properties:White powder,soluble in benzene,carbon tetrachloride,slightly soluble in acetone,petrol,hardly soluble in ethanol,ethyl ether,insoluble in water.Non-toxic,room temperature storage stability.
Applications:This product is mainly used in natural rubber,butylbenzene rubber,nitrile rubber vulcanizing agent.To part or the sulfur instead.Can also be used for natural rubber.And safe operation.Vulcanizates with good mechanical properties,heat resistance,compression permanent deformation is small.Suitable for manufacturing wire,cable,heat resistant products,thick products and medical embolism.Because has not bloom,scorch safety,fast curing the characteristics of the tire rubber products,such as large model is heat-resistant rubber products,rubber products of health the best vulcanizing agent and color rubber products.
Package:25kg Plastic woven bag,paper with plastic film bag,kraft paper bag.
Storage:The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation,avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.The validity is 8 months.

Development prospects 

     The rubber additive is a general term for various chemicals which are added to the rubber during rubber processing and which can improve the rubber processing property, improve the quality of the rubber product, and reduce the cost. Rubber additives are important raw materials for the rubber industry. Rubber additives play an important role in the improvement of processing and application properties of rubber products. The rubber additives with excellent performance can not only improve the processing performance, improve the quality of products, reduce energy consumption and production. Cost, and can prevent aging degradation and prolong the service life of rubber products. Rubber additives products comply with national industrial policies:

     The "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue" (National Development and Reform Commission (2011)), the eleventh item of the "encouraging category", "Petrochemical Chemicals", the 14th item "Environmental Catalysts and Auxiliaries" and the 17th item "High" Performance radial tires and supporting special materials are all related to the support of the rubber additives industry.

      According to statistics, nearly 90% of the application of rubber additives is related to automobiles, and 70% of its output is used for tire production. In recent years, with the continuous growth of the global automotive industry, high-speed railway and aerospace industries, the demand for rubber products will continue to flourish, and the rubber industry will continue to develop. At the same time, the eastward shift of the international rubber industry has also provided a rapid development opportunity for China's rubber auxiliaries industry. Especially in recent years, international rubber auxiliaries production enterprises have continuously shut down their production facilities, which has made the domestic industry gain greater development. Space, China's rubber additives industry has become increasingly dominant in the global market.


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