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willing co., LTD successfully held the tug-of-war activity of "May Day celebration" in 2017

2022-09-01 16:49:26

On April 28, in order to enrich employees' spare time life, promote internal communication and exchange, and provide a stage to show employees' collective elegant demeanour, the company held the annual tug-of-war competition on the occasion of May Day.

At the launching ceremony, the factory director song fengchao delivered a warm speech. He first extended his holiday wishes and greetings to all the employees of the company, thanked them for their hard work over the years and made great contributions to the development of the company, and wished this tug-of-war a complete success!

This tug-of-war competition, a total of 10 teams of men and women from the joint workshop to participate in, material department manager Chen dawei, electrical workshop director wang hongshui as the chief referee. After intense competition, the 101/102/ thiazole workshop complex team won the first place of men's team and women's team respectively, the logistics complex team won the second place of men's team, and the 102/ intermediate /IS workshop complex team won the second place of women's team.


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