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Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. 

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Challenge yourself, smelting team ---- -willing holding an expansion training camp

2022-09-01 16:49:07

In order to strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, improve the team execution, build a strong team combat effectiveness, and enhance the appeal of the company's employees, the company organized a two-day "challenge myself, smelting team -- wanxianshan development training camp" on May 21-22.   


In the activities of outward bound training, such links as "soldier assault", "trust back fall", "target market", "water drawing in minefield" and "power rope ring" are tense, serious and lively. In order to pass the course successfully, all students must abandon all barriers, mutual trust, solidarity and teamwork, which is of great educational significance to the mutual cooperation and harmonious atmosphere in future work.

It is reported that the participants of this training camp are all business backbone of each department of the company, a total of 48 people.



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